Company History

Wine warehouse in Bremen

Reidemeister & Ulrichs was founded in 1831  and quickly became one of the best known trading companies in Germany.


Headquarter „Auf der Muggenburg“

In the 1960s Reidemeister & Ulrichs began with the production, treatment and standardization of pharmaceutical base wines.


Founding of Breko

Breko is founded by Reidemeister & Ulrichs in order to expand the business field by bulk wines for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Breko also takes over the contract manufacturing of tonic and pepsin wines for well-known brand manufacturers and is still leading in this field today.


GMP Certification 1980

With the manufacturing authorization according to GMP for pharmaceutical base wines, Breko lays the foundation of its certified quality management.


Ingredients Business

Breko starts the research and development of wine flavours and becomes, besides the classic wine products and spirits, one of the leading suppliers of wine, grape and spirit ingredients.


Grape and wine polyphenols

Breko is expanding its range of grape polyphenols to include the branded products exGrape®, produced by our partner GRAP'SUD in France, and the resveratrol extracts from the vine (Resveratrox®, Viniferol®, Vineatrol® and Vitisin®) from our partner Actichem in France.


Management Buy-Out

Breko GmbH is taken over by the managing director Thomas Rust through a management buy-out.


Move to "Hoerneckestrasse"

Breko expands the port wine warehouse and moves its headquarters to Hoerneckestrasse.


Expansion of Health Ingredients

The polyphenol portfolio is complemented by the innovative Veri-te™ resveratrol through the collaboration with Evolva.


First IFS-Food Certification

In addition to the manufacturing authorization according to GMP for pharmaceutical base wines, Breko is now also certified according to the "International Featured Standards - Food" on a "higher level". This GFSI recognized standard focuses on food safety and quality.


First Organic Certification

The first organic certification take place in order to be able to trade organic products as well.


Expanding the range with pet food

Expansion of the range in the pet food segment with high-quality grape and olive extracts produced by our partner GROUP'SUD in France.