De Kuyper Spirit Ingredients

De Kuyper Spirit Ingredients

De Kuyper Royal Distillers B.V. is a global producer of liqueurs and emulsions with expertise in distilling and extracting flavours since 1695. De Kuyper esprits & concentrates are used by spirit manufacturers, food manufacturers, professional chefs, pastry and ice cream makers. It is best used to enhance the flavour of spirits, cream, mousse, ganache, cake, pastry filling, syrup or an ice cream. Delivery in 5 litre canister or 200 litre drums.

9101Anis espritDistillate of Anis seeds, 60 % vol
9102Cacao espritDistillate of extracted cocoa nibs, 65 % vol
9103Coffee extractAlcohol extracted coffee, 60 % vol
9104Lemon espritDistillate of Lemon peels, 60 % vol

9201Black tea extractAlcohol extracted black tea, 57 % vol
9202Cardamon espritDistillate of cardamon, 60 % vol
9203Cinnamon extractAlcohol extracted cinnamon, 60 % vol
9204Lemongrass espritDistillate of lemongrass, 65 % vol
9205Lavender espritDistillate of lavender flowers, 60 % vol
9206Licorice extractAlcohol extracted licorice extract, 40 % vol

9301Chili extract (Scotch Bonnet)Alcohol extracted whole Scotch Bonnet peppers, 31 % vol
9302Tonka bean extractAlcohol extracted tonka beans, 38 % vol
9303Roasted sweet pepper espritDistillate of roasted sweet pepper, 38 % vol
9304Ginger extractAlcohol extracted fresh ginger roots, 60 % vol

9401Spekulatius concentrateAlcohol extracted cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, star anise, clove Spekulatius concentrate with cardamon distillate, 60 % vol
9402Amaretto concentrate Blend of alcohol, water, orange oil distillate, extract of vanilla, cinnamon, almond and clove, cognac, 60 % vol
9403Butterscotch concentrateAlcoholic preparation with typical caramel notes, 59,5 % vol
9404Spanish Vanilla concentrateAlcoholic preparation with natural flavours, extract of vanilla and grains of paradise, orange oil distillate, cognac, 60 % vol
9405Kirsch concentrateDistillate of fermented cherries, 50 % vol
9406Marasquin cherry concentrateAlcoholic preparation with natural flavours, kummel oil distillate and rose oil, 60 % vol
9407Passion fruit concentrate Alcoholic preparation of flavours and orange oil distillate, 50 % vol
9408Peachtree concentrate Alcoholic preparation of peach flavour and Peach distillate, 59,5 % vol
9409Mandarine Napoléon Culinair concentrateDistillate of mandarins, oranges, herbs and plants, 60 % vol

9501Whisky concentrate 3 years aged whisky, 60 % vol
9502London Dry Gin concentrate Distillate of juniperberry, coriander, orange peel, angelica, 60 % vol
9503Bali Rum concentrate Blended distillate of rum, water, natural rum flavour, 60 % vol

9601Vieux GelDutch brandy specialty with thickening agent, 50 % vol
9602Advocaat Gel Egg Liqueur with thickening agent, 50 % vol
9603Amaretto GelAmaretto with thickening agent, 50 % vol
9604Kirsch Gel Kirsch with thickening agent, 50 % vol
9605Maraschino GelMaraschino with thickening agent, 50 % vol
9606Rum GelRum with thickening agent, 50 % vol
9607Triple Sec GelTriple Sec with thickening agent, 50 % vol