PhytoPumpkin™ Pumpkin seed extract

PhytoPumpkin™ Pumpkin seed extract

  • PhytoPumpkin™ is a water-ethanolic extract from organic pumpkin seeds.
  • Only seeds of the medicinal pumpkin variety Cucurbita pepo are used, which are grown in Styria (Austria). The Styrian seeds are rich in phytosterols, lignans, adenosine and arginine.

Health benefits

Health Benefits PhytoPumpkin™ Pumpkin seed extractTraditionally for prostate complaints (enlargement of the prostate) and bladder complaints (irritable bladder, bladder weakness), reduction in incontinence frequency and decrease in nocturnal urination in men and women.


Pumpkin seed extract
1kg extract is equal to 17 – 23 kg pumpkin seeds