exGrape™ Grape extracts

exGrape™ Grape extracts

These highly standardised grape extracts contain a broad spectrum of polyphenols with many properties that are beneficial to health. In vitro and in vivo studies indicate that wine grape polyphenols exhibit antioxidant, antithrombotic and blood pressure-reducing properties and thereby promote cardiovascular health. In addition, a human study conducted in healthy subjects at high metabolic risk revealed that the grape polyphenol extract exGrape™ TOTAL can counteract high oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation and insulin resistance.

The extracts are produced exclusively using grapes cultivated in France and directly processed on site in a resourceefficient manner by our partner GrapSud. The resultant biomass and the process water that has been treated in a wastewater treatment plant are returned to the vineyard to maintain soil fertility.

The skins and seeds from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache grapes are used to produce the exGrape™ TOTAL grape extracts. Early harvest Chardonnay grapes from the Champagne region have the highest OPC content and are used to produce the exGrape™ SEED extracts.

Extraction ratio:
500 kg grape skins and seeds  => 1 kg exGrape™ SEED
25 kg grape seeds => 1 kg exGrape™ SEED

Following extraction, spray-drying and agglomeration is carried out without the use of carrier substances (F: fine powder; G: agglomerated powder). The agglomerated powders are characterised by improved product handling (free flowing, reduced dust in production) and increased solubility.
In addition, the results of HPLC analysis, with a chromatogram, and quantification of the monomeric, dimeric, trimeric, tetrameric and pentameric proanthocyanidins based on the new Kuhnert-Winterhalter method are available on request for exGrape SEED.

831FRed grape extract P20≥ 20 % PP, ≥ 10 % PRO, ≥ 2 % ANTH
842F/842GexGrape™ TOTAL red grape extract≥ 52 % PP, ≥ 50 % PRO, ≥ 15 % OPC, ≥ 2 % ANTH; 100 ppm tR
842F: Halal certified by HFCE
844FexGrape™ TOTAL 2500 red grape extract≥ 92 % PP, ≥ 50 % PRO, ≥ 15 % OPC, ≥ 2 % ANTH; ≥ 2500 ppm tR
843GexGrape™ ANTHOCYANINS red grape extract≥ 70 % PP, ≥ 5 % OPC, ≥ 8 % ANTH; Halal certified by HFCEs
840GexGrape™ ANTHOCYANINS 15 red grape extract
≥ 70 % PP, ≥ 5 % OPC, ≥ 15 % ANTH; Halal certified by HFCE
847F/847GexGrape™ SEED OPC30 grape seed extract≥ 95 % PP, ≥ 70 % PRO, ≥ 30 % OPC; 847F: Halal certified by HFCE
848F/848GexGrape™ SEED OPC40 grape seed extract≥ 95 % PP, ≥ 70 % PRO, ≥ 40 % OPC; 848F: Halal certified by HFCE

Please also visit the website from our partner GRAP’SUD.