• This berry extract range is produced by Ferlux in France, a company with a history of over 50 years in the field of extraction.
  • The products are characterized by the use of high quality fruit, transparency from cultivation to extraction as well as high purity and standardisation.
  • These extracts are standardised to high anthocyanin contents of up to 36 %. In addition, the respective anthocyanin profile is qualified via LC-MS and quantified by UHPLC.
  • Upon customer request, further berry extracts can be produced or further standardisations can be realized.

Health benefits

MELACYANCardioprotective health, anti-diabetic activity, blood pressure regulation
EXTRACYANCardiovascular health, cognition, visual health (increases accomodation and contrast sensitivity)
OROCYANMicrobial and viral anti-adhesive property – prevents microbial and viral infectivity, protection against diet induced obesity
ANTHOCYANVascular protection, improved blood circulation, improved eye health
PROTECTCYANSupports immune system, impoved recovery from cold and flu


750F17MELACYAN 17 Aronia extractAronia extract (Aronia melanocarpa), maltodextrin; > 17 % Anthocyanins (HPLC)
751F18EXTRACYAN 18 Ferm. Wild Billberry extract100 % Fermented Wild Berry Extract; > 18 % Catocyanic Complex
751F30EXTRACYAN 30 Ferm. Wild Billberry extractFermented Wild Berry Extract, maltodextrin; > 3 % Polyphenols (UV)
752F10OROCYAN 10 Cranberry extract100 % Cranberry Extract; > 20 % Proanthocyanidin (HPLC), 10 % UV-BL DMAC
753F25ANTHOCYAN 25 Wild Bilberry extractExtract from European Wild Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), maltodextrin; ≥ 25 % Anthocyanins (HPLC), DER: 80:1 +/- 20 %
755F14PROTECCYAN 14 Elderberry extractExtract from European Wild Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), maltodextrin; ≥ 14 % Anthocyanins (HPLC)