• VinoFit+™ is a Breko brand representing our wine history which reaches back to 1831.
  • Alcohol-free powder formulation containing all wine polyphenols in high concentration: Stilbens (resveratrol), phenolic acids and flavonoids.
  • VinoFit+™ is a blend of red wine extract, red wine marc extract and resveratrol from biofermentative production.

Health benefits

VinoFit+™ Red wine Polyphenols & ResveratrolCardiovascular health, cognitive function, bone health, insulin resistance and gut health.


888VinoFit+™ Red wine Polyphenols & ResveratrolRed wine extract, red wine marc extract & Resveratrol from fermentation – without carrier

VinoFit+ is a trademark of Breko GmbH.