Olivex™ & OleoGrape™

Olivex™ & OleoGrape™

  • Produced by GrapSud, a company processing grapes, olives and wines into ingredients for over 50 years.
  • Sustainable production of upcycled ingredients: Immediately after the harvest the olives are pressed in traditional oil mills. Olive water, separated from the oil, is rich in polyphenols which are purified to the final extract. Full transparency of each production step from harvest to finished extract.
  • Olivex™ extracted from the edible fruit pulp of French olives standardised on tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol.
  • OleoGrape™ SEED a patented extract from olives and grape seeds standardised on OPC and hydroxytyrosol, without carrier.

Health Benefits

Olivex™Cardiovascular health (protect the LDL particles from oxidative damage), skin health
OleoGrape™ SEEDAnti-Ageing, joint health (anti-inflammatory effects)


860FPOlivex™ Olive extract≥ 25 % PP, ≥ 6 % HT, ≥ 1 %
861FOleoGrape™ SEED Grape seed and olive extract
≥ 95 % PP, ≥ 30 % OPC, ≥ 6 % HT; Halal certified by HFCE

Abbreviations used for the minimum stated concentrations: PP: total polyphenols (UV 280 nm), OPC: oligomeric proanthocyanidins, HT: hydroxytyrosol, T: tyrosol

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Olivex and OleoGrape Seed are trademarks of GRAP’SUD GROUP.