Olivex™ & OleoGrape™

Olivex™ & OleoGrape™

Many studies provide evidence for the positive health-related effects of phenolic compounds from olives, suchas tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. These have been shown to protect the LDL particles from oxidative damage, a protective mechanism in the prevention of cardiovascular risks. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties and improvements in endothelial function contribute towards protecting the cardiovascular system. Current research is also focusing on the investigation of the effects of olive polyphenols on joint health.

The olive extract Olivex is a standardised polyphenol extract that stems exclusively from southern French olives. Immediately after the harvest the olives are pressed in traditional oil mills. The olive water, rich in polyphenols, that is separated from the olive oil is extracted and spray dried.

Olivex is available as a spray-dried powder that is standardised for tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol, using maltodextrin as the carrier substance. A variant that contains no carrier substance is the product OleoGrape SEED, a patented extract from olives and grape seeds that is standardised for OPC and hydroxytyrosol. The extracts are produced in a resourceefficient manner by our partner GrapSud in the South of France.

Olive fruit extract
≥ 25 % PP, ≥ 6 % HT, ≥ 0,8 % TOlivenfruchtfleisch
Grape seed and olive extract
≥ 95 % PP, ≥ 15 % OPC, ≥ 6 % HT
Halal certified by HFCE

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